Worldwide Awarded Artist

Chile, December 28 th, 2009 

"Extraordinary Ability" Visa - by US (2016)

"Artistic and National Interest"  - by Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture (2012)

Victorio Menghi is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer. He holds three musical degrees: Electroacoustic Composition, Tango Guitar and Music Instruction.


Sponsored by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture, and supported by EMI (Sony Music), Victorio developed an original musical fusion, called Tango Fussion. 


His music was distributed worldwide by the leading label EMI, and he has performed live throughout his homeland of Argentina, across Europe, North and South America. He took a substancial participation in the World March for Peace and Non- Violence in 2009 and 2010. His musical career has been covered extensively on television, radio and also in printed media.


Mr. Menghi has been in charge of the Guitar Lessons Program at Music and Arts - the largest retail chain of band and orchestra instruments in the US (Alvin, Texas, US), where he provided several Masterclasses. 


In 2015 he became the “Music Director” of League City Performing Arts (Music and Dance Institute in League City , Texas, US); and in 2018 the CEO of the company. 


In 2016, the US government granted him an Extraordinary Ability visa as an Artist and Music Teacher. One year later, he received one of his most important recognitions since he started his musical career, the “MOLA AWARDS” in the three categories: Composer, Singer and Guitarist (Beyonce was a former participant of the M.A).

Currently he is working at "Marbella Music School" and Conducting "Las Chapas Bilingual School Choir", Marbella, Malaga, Spain.


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